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Specialized Master in "Mining and Environment"


The specialized Master's degree "Mining and Environment" (level Bac+6) aims to meet the growing demand for managers specialized in mining, mainly in French-speaking countries producing raw materials.
Our aim is to respond more specifically to the phases of the mining process "Mining Studies, Mining Projects and Extraction". Other schools and universities propose other specialties or peripheral specialties of in the mining process.

The proposed program highlights, in a very pragmatic way, the environmental, societal and economic stakes of an exploitation, from the discovery of a deposit to the closure of the site.

Mastère 2 EM



The teaching is very  project orientated .Central to this approach are the development of the ability to integrate the elements of a sometimes complex context (systemic analysis) and of critical thinking and creativity. The engineer is no longer a technician who carries out a task but a generator of added value. An end-of-studies project (professional thesis) will complete the training.

Objectives of the proposed training

The aim of the Specialized Master's Degree in Mining Operations and Environment is to train managers who understand and meet the challenges of sustainable and responsible operations (economic, societal and environmental). These professionals will be able to choose from a range of career options:

  • Design engineer (resource evaluation and technical and economic studies)
  • Works engineer (preparatory work and construction of the mine)
  • Operations manager (ore extraction)
  • Environmental, risk and safety engineer
  • Beneficiation manager (physical and chemical enrichment of ore)
  • Production manager (extraction + beneficiation)
  • Technical sales representative
  • Administration and community
  • Teaching and research

In terms of skills, at the end of the training, students should be able to

  • Conduct mining studies (modeling and estimation of resources, technical and economic feasibility)
  • Conduct mining projects (detailed design and construction of the mine)
  • Run the operation (mine management and production organization)
  • Take into account environmental, economic, societal and HSEQ aspects
  • Integrate the other stages of the mining process (Exploration, Valorisation, Post-mining)

Cost of the training

Individual application

Company application - further education
6 000 € 11 000 €

Payment methods: Payment by bank transfer at the time of registration


Whether you are a recent graduate or currently employed, you are potentially eligible for the MS-2EM.

The admission process is as follows:

Step 1:

The first step in the admission process is to download the application form and return it duly completed ( including the annexes) by mail or e-mail.

To be eligible, the applicant must hold one of the following degrees and/or experience:

  • an engineering degree (generalist or specialized)
  • a technical or scientific Master 2
  • a technical or scientific Master 1 coupled with 3 years of professional experience in the field of the Extraction Industry

Step 2: Individual interviews - Eligibility (February to May)

Following the analysis of the applications, the selected candidates will be invited to an individual interview at the IMT Mines Alès premises or by teleconference/videoconference?.
The interview lasts for a maximum of one hour and aims to clarify the candidate's professional project and to verify their suitability for the course.

Step 3: Jury - Admission (March - June)

The jury meets twice a year, at the end of March and the beginning of June, and decides on the admission or non-admission of the candidates.

Step 4: Prerequisites

Students who are admitted without the required level in one of the following subjects ,mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry or  geosciences, will have to take refresher courses. Various methods are made available to them: UNIT (school tool), MOOC and supervision on Thursday afternoons by teachers.
These students will have a pre-entry session the week before the official start of the school year.