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Program - PRINEC

The programme lasts 12 months, with 1 semester of classes and 1 semester of work placements in companies.

The programme comprises a single core curriculum divided into 3 teaching units (TUs), which include courses, lectures and visits to companies/industrial sites.

UE 1: Materials and product value chains

  •     Materials science
  •     Elaboration and shaping
  •     Raw materials and natural resources
  •     Materials and industrial sectors

UE 2 : Product life cycle and socio-economic aspects

  •     LCA, industrial and regional ecology
  •     Ecodesign and choice of materials
  •     Characteristics of secondary raw materials (SRMs), markets and regulatory aspects
  •     Public policy, innovation and emerging themes
  •     Activity of eco-organisations
  •     Sociology of waste
  •     Logistics and reverse logistics for end-of-life products

UE 3 : Innovative processes for the circular economy

  •     Sorting and identification methods, physical, chemical and thermochemical recycling of plastics and composites
  •     Energy recovery
  •     Recovery and recycling of common and strategic metals
  •     Composting and biodegradation, contamination issues
  •     Advanced manufacturing methods
  •     Design and re-use of materials

Multidisciplinary scientific and technical project

Carried out in the schools' research centres, this project, tutored by teacher-researchers from IMT Mines Albi and IMT Mines Alès, places the students in the role of project manager.

Professional thesis

The aim of the second semester's in-company professional assignments is to carry out a complete study of an industrial subject. The aim is to put into practice the students' ability to grasp an industrial problem in its broadest sense: scientific, technological, socio-economic, organisational and relational.

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