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  • IMT Mines Alès gained 3 places and is positioned in the top half of the prestigious 'group A' (top 15% of the best engineering schools), in L'Étudiant
  • IMT Mines Alès entered the TOP 30 of the Figaro Etudiant ranking of the top engineering schools
  • Ranked 6th school in France in the 'Generalist schools' category, in the Figaro Etudiant
  • A Silver medal for IMT Mines Alès, ranked 2nd best school in France in the 'Civil Engineering and Construction' category, in the Figaro Etudiant
  • Ranked 16th in the 'Digital and IT' category, in the Figaro Etudiant
  • IMT Mines Alès is ranked in the top 400 worldwide in the prestigious Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021 (general ranking)
  • Also ranked in the top 200 worldwide in several themed rankings dedicated to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Ranked 1st in France in the 'Teaching and Learning' category of the U-Multirank global ranking
  • Ranked in the top 10% of the world's best institutions evaluated by Webometrics

IMT Mines Alès is ranked 13th in France, in HappyAtSchool (a survey, conducted directly by the organization, among the students of the schools and which focuses, in particular, on the quality of life)

IMT Mines Alès rankings

IMT Mines Alès gained 3 places in the Student ranking and is positioned in the top half of the prestigious "group A".

IMT Mines Alès is ranked 24th in the 2021 edition of L'Etudiant's rankings and is now in the top half of "group A" (top 15% of the best schools). This is further recognition of the quality of the teaching staff, the internationalization of the school, its proximity to companies and its social openness.

L'Etudiant's 2022 ranking list ranks 172 engineering schools accredited by the CTI (Commission des titres d'ingénieur) and is based on criteria evaluated by the CTI and the Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools (Cdefi).

The ranking includes numerous indicators grouped into four categories: academic excellence, international openness, proximity to companies, and openness to new audiences.

As a result of its in-depth transformation, IMT Mines Alès has been on the rise in this ranking for several years:

  • 2016: 62nd
  • 2017: 51st
  • 2018: 52nd
  • 2019: 40th
  • 2020: 33rd
  • 2021: 27th
  • 2022: 24th

*The results obtained by IMT Mines Alès and its progress compared to last year are very encouraging," says Assia Tria, Director of IMT Mines Alès. “This is proof that the school is performing well in the multiple criteria selected, namely the academic quality of our faculty, but also the internationalization of the school, its proximity to companies and its social openness!"

IMT Mines Alès was ranked 6th best generalist school in the Figaro Etudiant ranking.

Ranked 6th in the Figaro Etudiant's 2021 ranking of generalist schools, 2nd in the construction sector, and 16th in the digital sector, IMT Mines Alès has moved up several places since 2020 and is climbing fast.

Academic excellence, international influence and relations with companies are the three pillars of this ranking of engineering schools published by Le Figaro and established on the basis of criteria evaluated by the Commission des titres d'ingénieurs (CTI) and the Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d'ingénieurs (Cdefi), including the salary at graduation and the quality of recruitment.

In addition to the general ranking, Le Figaro also divides French engineering schools into ten distinct categories covering current industry sectors. Each school can compete in a maximum of three categories, the selection being based on the relevance of the teaching provided.
In addition to the overall ranking of general and multidisciplinary schools, in which IMT Mines Alès came in 6th place (up 7 places from last year), the school also stood out in two other categories: 2nd place in the Construction and Public Works field (retaining the silver medal it won last year) and 16th place in the Digital and Information Technology field (up 7 places from last year).

I am very proud of these rankings obtained by the School and of the progress made since last year," says Pierre Perdiguier, Deputy Director in charge of research. “This is proof that the School is performing very well in the many criteria measured , in particular the quality of its teaching and the strength of its research, which is geared to the needs of society. The school has achieved an outstanding feat: to be among the very best generalist schools, while at the same time being highly ranked in its fields of excellence (civil engineering, computer science, environment, etc.). Together, this allows us to perfectly match the profile of our graduates with the current needs of companies, which are looking for profiles that have both a broad vision of the issues at stake and cutting-edge scientific and technological skills."

IMT MINES ALÈS, a school where it's good to study.

After a student satisfaction survey, IMT Mines Alès is ranked 13th nationally and is one of the first 20 French schools to obtain the HappyAtSchool® label awarded by ChooseMyCompany.

In January 2020, the ChooseMyCompany platform proposed a new ranking: the best schools and universities according to the students themselves! Based on a study of the satisfaction of French students at 400 schools and universities, Happy@School distinguishes those that make real efforts to meet the essential expectations of their students: "There are already many 'school' rankings. Even if they are useful in understanding the quality and the notoriety of the diploma, they do not allow us to fully appreciate the reality of the 'student experience'. HappyAtSchool® finally gives students a voice and allows them to find out which schools and universities are the best places to study", says Laurent Labbé, CEO of ChooseMyCompany.
100% participatory, the label is based on 15 questions asked directly to students who are free to express themselves spontaneously. The five following criteria are evaluated the quality of the facilities and respect for the environment, academic teaching, student life, the strength of relationships with companies and confidence in the future. The percentage of students who would recommend their school is also taken into account as well as the participation rate. For this first edition, IMT Mines Alès was ranked 13th and was among the first 20 schools to obtain this label.


The 2021 edition of the Times Higher Education "THE" Impact international ranking list has just been published. For the second year in a row, IMT Mines Alès has been ranked in the TOP 400 of the world's best universities by this prestigious ranking system that measures scientific excellence in the service of sustainable development and society. It is ranked in the TOP 10 among French institutions, and 3rd among French engineering schools.

The THE Impact ranking list evaluates universities and business schools worldwide with regard to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN*. The concrete commitment of the institutions to the SDGs is assessed through their training, scientific publications, research and innovation projects serving society, environmental management of the campuses, social policy, and territorial and international partnerships.

The 2021 edition of THE Impact presents the top 1,000 institutions out of a total of more than 30,000 higher education institutions worldwide on all five continents. It includes an overall ranking as well as 17 thematic rankings according to the 17 SDGs.

In the 2021 ranking, IMT Mines Alès was ranked in the TOP 400 worldwide and in the TOP 10 in France. It was ranked 3rd among French engineering schools behind IMT Atlantique and Ecole Polytechnique.

The school was also ranked in 16 of the 17 SDGs, which illustrates the very transverse and comprehensive nature of its approach to sustainable development. The school stands out in particular in the following 7 thematic rankings, where it was ranked in the world's top 200:

  • The "Fight against climate change" ranking (SDG n°13), in particular thanks to its numerous education and research programs relating to the prevention of major environmental risks and disaster management, and to all of the actions carried out to reduce the climate footprint of human action;
  • The "Clean and sustainable water management" (SDG n°6) and "Preservation of aquatic environments" (SDG n°14) rankings, in particular thanks to its cutting-edge scientific work on water resource management and its contribution to public water management policies at the local and international levels;
  • Responsible production and consumption" (SDG 12), in particular thanks to its innovations in the field of bio-sourced materials with a low carbon footprint (bioplastics, biocomposites, agrobetons), in the recycling of plastics and composites, or in the environmental impact of materials;
  • The "Quality Education" ranking (MDG #4), in particular thanks to the excellent level of its training programs, their openness to different audiences and the educational transformations deployed (empowering pedagogy, digital pedagogy, etc.).
  • The "Reduction of Inequalities" ranking (SDG n°10), in particular thanks to its policy of equal opportunities and social assistance for students and staff, its educational solidarity actions on the territory and its cooperation with developing countries; in other words, its role as a social elevator;
  • The "Partnerships for Sustainable Development" ranking (SDG n°17), in particular thanks to the very strong partnerships it is has developed at local, regional, national and international levels on all of these subjects, as well as the strategic priority it gives to the objectives of sustainable development.

Among the French institutions, it is worth noting that IMT Mines Alès obtained two gold medals for the SDGs "Clean and sustainable water management" (SDG n°6) and "Partnerships for sustainable development" (SDG n°17), and a bronze medal for the SDG "Reducing inequalities" (SDG n°10).

The school also ranks highly in the following 4 thematic rankings, where it is in the global TOP 300: "Clean and Affordable Energy" (SDG #7), "Preserving the Earth's Environment" (SDG #15), "Industry and Innovation" (SDG #9), and "Job Quality and Economic Growth" (SDG #8).

"Our school has remarkable potential to respond to the environmental and societal challenges facing not only the school but the world. For several years now, we have been observing changes in the behavior of our students, who show a strong commitment to the idea of citizenship and to taking climate issues into account," said Ingrid Bazin, teacher-researcher and head of environmental and societal responsibility at IMT Mines Alès. "Moreover, this ranking comes at a time when we are publishing our 2021 Corporate and Social Responsibility Report, which presents all of our environmental and social responsibility initiatives.”

Pierre Perdiguier, acting director of the school, adds: "As a school of the Republic, IMT Mines Alès has a special social responsibility; it plays a key role in shaping the thinking of its students, the decision-makers of tomorrow. Being listed in the world's TOP 400 and France's TOP 10 for the second year in a row is both a recognition of the school's strong commitment and an opportunity to establish our reputation among French and foreign students and international institutions."

Discover the latest achievements of IMT Mines Alès in the field of sustainable development and social responsibility - bilingual French-English summary

IMT Mines Alès is ranked 1st in France in the "teaching and learning" category of the U-Multirank world ranking

U-Multirank, a project funded by Europe (Erasmus program), has published the 2021 version of its global ranking: across 96 countries, more than 1,800 schools and universities are evaluated.

The school obtained the maximum score (very good) 10 times in several categories:

  • 4 times in the "teaching and learning" category,
  • 3 times in the "technology transfer" category
  • Twice in the "research" category
  • Once in the category "international openness".

In the "teaching and learning" category, the school was ranked first in France (ex-aequo with four other schools), a testament to the quality of the support and success of its students.

"We are very proud of our performance again this year in the international U-Multirank ranking. It has helped, in addition to our very good results in THE Impact, to establish the school's international reputation. U-Multirank has a special meaning because it is organized by the European Erasmus+ program, in which we are very involved." said Pierre Perdiguier, deputy director of the school. "These good rankings allow IMT Mines Alès to shine once again on the international scene. It is a real recognition for our students and a promise of the attractiveness of our school all over the world," added Eric Vivien, Director of International Action.

On the U-Multirank world ranking:

Initiated by the European Commission and funded by its Erasmus+ program, U-Multirank is the first global multidimensional ranking that allows users to create their own personalized ranking, selecting indicators of teaching and learning performance, international openness, research, technology transfer, and regional anchorage.

IMT Mines Alès was ranked in the top 10% of institutions worldwide in the international Webometrics ranking.

The international Webometrics ranking list has unveiled its ranking of the best higher education institutions for the first half of 2020. Among the 30,000 institutions studied, IMT Mines Alès continues to progress and is now in the top 10% worldwide*.

While this general ranking already shows an excellent result for our school, the indicators of openness and excellence were even better rewarded. The school is ranked in the top 8% and 9% of the world's best institutions on for these two criteria. These elements were measured via the academic results of researchers as posted in Google Scholar** as well as their online dissemination.

"Our school already benefits from good recognition on a national level. Since our integration into ITM IMT in 2017, our international visibility is booming. The Webometrics ranking confirms this with an objective international viewpoint. It is very important both for the international prospects of our students and to develop our attractiveness to foreign students," said Pierre Perdiguier, deputy director of the school.

Since 2004, the international Webometrics ranking has measured the presence, accessibility, and influence of universities with regard to Internet data. This original positioning actually masks a serious approach initiated to respond to the global need to improve the web practices of institutions and especially to increase academic transparency online.

* IMT Mines Alès' world ranking: 2,893th out of 29,713 ranked institutions

**Google's service that lists scientific publications