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Located at the gateway to the Cevennes, 30 km from the historic city of Nîmes and less than 100 km from the Mediterranean, the city of Alès has a long history of mining and a tradition of migration and exchange. Connected to the European research and higher education network and a member of the Institut Mines Telecom network (Link), IMT Mines Ales is a choice destination for students coming to study in France.

Our ambition is to strengthen our international identity, expand our network of foreign partner institutions and forge links with laboratories and companies on a global scale.

  • Two years of specialization are currently offered in English as well as an international Master's degree taught entirely in English:
    - Master DAMAGE
              - 2IA IASD
              - PRISM GITC
  • Nearly 200 foreign students are welcomed at IMT Mines Alès, nearly half of whom are exchange students from partner institutions (over 45 nationalities on campus)


International students can apply to study at IMT Mines Alès through three main channels. Exchange students are admitted after being selected by their home university in the framework of a partnership. The home university also proposes applications for students admitted to a dual degree program at the school. Finally, international students can apply directly through the ITMT's collective recruitment program abroad.

For general engineering students

  • French summer school

For non-native French-speaking students, a minimum level of French is required before arriving in France. To help enrolled students, an intensive French language and cultural immersion school (French Summer School) is organized on a shared basis within the IMT. French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes are offered weekly to international students.

  • Welcome Week (late August / early September)

To help international students organize their arrival and installation, a week of welcome before the start of classes is organized for them: the Welcome Week. With the help of a student from the school specially hired for this period, international students are accompanied in their organization of their trip to France and then the transfer to Alès. Upon arrival, they are helped to find their accommodation, take out insurance, contact the energy supplier, etc. One day is devoted to administrative procedures. The rest of the week is devoted to intercultural workshops aimed at facilitating their integration into the school and their academic year group.